Perbedaan Kemandirian Lansia di Rumah dan di PSLUPare Kabupaten

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Febrin Eko Ratna Hidayati Widyasih Sunaringtyas


Elderly is a part of the process of human growth, part of the life process that can not be avoided and will be
experienced by every individual, the elderly will experience physical changes that affect his independence in
conducting activity of daily living, mental status, economic and social interaction. This study aims to determine
the differences of independence of the elderly living in the village Tulungrejo pare district and who live in PSLU
Pare Kediri District. Researchers use quantitative research type with comparative design. The sample consists of
140 respondents consisting of 70 respondents who live in Tulungrejo village and 70 respondents who live in
PSLU Pare Kediri Regency with Cluster Sampling and Purposive Sampling technique. Statistical analysis using
Mann-Whitney test with α = 0.05. The results showed that the elderly living at home is good independence of
26.25% while those living in the PSLU are moderate independence of 25%. After the test using Mann-Whitney
Test in get ρ value = 0,000 with α = 0.05 which means there is a difference of independence of elderly who live at
home and live in PSLU Pare Kediri Regency. The existence of differences in the independence of the elderly due
to adjustment factors to changes that occur in him. Suggestion from this research is family or party PSLU give
more support and spirit to elderly so elderly can improve quality of life.

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